Blood Pressure






Batey 18




Batey Nuevo

This module will evaluate 40adults for hypertension per day.
Problem addressed: Hypertension is a prevalent chronic disease in the batey population. Uncontrolled hypertension can have serious consequences on the heart, brain, and kidneys that can lead to disability and death.
Station objective: evaluate blood pressure, raise awareness of hypertension consequences, treat hypertension as detected and refer patient for follow up at nearby clinic.

Preparation: some preparation/packing of paper supplies and medication; brief review of Station materials and use of automatic blood pressure machine.

Activities: (* = volunteer activity with Dominican partner)
LAC staff will gather adults who would like a blood pressure check.
Volunteers will use an automatic blood pressure machine to take adults’ blood pressure. A Light A Candle staff member will work with you, but you can indicate for
each adult to be seated (“sientese por favor”) and then take their blood pressure with the machine (use right arm if there is no problem doing so due to injury, etc).*
Carefully write the reading on a red hypertension flyer. *
If a person’s blood pressure reading has a top number greater or equal to 140 or a lower number greater or equal to 90, then direct this person to the LAC doctor working in the
station. *
Doctor will evaluate and give medications according to a well-developed/tested protocol, and give a Clinic Referral Card. Doctor will record patient information on duplicate sheet, and complete patient information on a white blood pressure card that the patient keeps.
If a person’s blood pressure reading has a top number less than 140 or a lower number less than 90, then tell this person that their blood pressure is normal (“es normal”) and
give the person the white card and a bag of multivitamins. These patients are then ready to depart the station.