This module will teach 40 children (ages 7-14) each day about the basics of disease transmission and the importance of good hygiene practices, especially washing hands
with soap.
Problem addressed: Handwashing with soap at critical times helps children and their communities stay healthy. Children living in the batey need education and encouragement in this.
Main message: Wash hands with soap before eating, after going to the bathroom, and other critical times to prevent illness.
Preparation: some preparation of activity supplies; brief review of Hygiene Station materials.

Activities: (* = volunteer activity with Dominican partner)
Gather groups of 5 children. Session lasts ~20-30 minutes.
Do pre-test to assess baseline knowledge. Record results. *
Introduce educational content.
Show an 8 minute animated educational video.*
Review educational content.
Each child sorts paper strips with behavior images into healthy and unhealthy; creates and takes
home a paper chain of healthy behaviors and unhealthy behaviors.*
Grade ability to complete sorting activity correctly using pre-established codes; record results.*
Do post-test to assess knowledge acquired. Record results. *
Distribute a bar of soap to participants.*