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Light A Candle Foundation

Fundation Enciende Una Luz, or Light A Candle Foundation, has been an award winning agency in La Romana Province for more than ten years.

Under the direction of Sandy Yan Meristal this small but inspired group has pioneered inovative programs to bring health care to the hardest poverity stricken areas of the region.

The ‘Multiplying Light’ program targets the youth, increasing their health knowledge and enhancing their leadership skills.

LAC’s ‘Child Health’ program focuses on infants through early childhood, monitoring their growth and providing diet supplements to those in danger of malnutrition.

The ‘Batey Clinics’ provide basic care, similar to visiting your Primary Care Physician. Currently LAC visits about 10 Bateyes several times annually. Thier goal is to reach all the Bateyes.
With their ‘Health Fairs’ the problem of little understanding regarding what causes illness and how to prevent it is taught. A Health Fair is aimed at school age children providing information on eight health topics
Hypertension Clinics are scheduled frequently throughout the city and Bateyes to monitor the health of the aging population.

Many Bateyes have Health Promotors, trained and directed by LAC, to oversee the patients, making sure they watch their diet and maintain their medication schedule.

Foundation of The Year

The Estilos Juvenil Awards were presented this month by the Youth Style Organization in the La Romana province during their fifth annual award ceremony. These awards honor the talent, efforts and dedication of individuals, groups and organizations within various categories including artistic, business, and social work contributions to our region.

This year Fundacion Enciende Una Luz (Light A Candle Foundation) was nominated, along with other organizations of our region, and was graced by our work to receive the FOUNDATION OF THE YEAR award.

We thank God, the organizers of these awards for considering our foundation, our team and each person who in one way or another collaborated selflessly to help others.